The best upgrade for your current shower

Easily transform your current shower into a large Rain shower head! With our products you will have a complete large Rain shower head in just 3 steps.


Easy to install in 3 steps

Step 1

After taking the product out of the package, the first thing you do is screw the conversion rods together. Once that is done it should fit into the holder of your own shower. The two conversion rods keep the handheld in place, and the large Rain shower head stable.

Step 2

Once the handheld fits snugly on your shower holder, you can screw the shower head onto the top conversion rod. Once it is connected, you can proceed to the last step.

Step 3

Once the new large Rain shower head is fully assembled, you can connect the shower hose to the large Rain shower head Simply connect it to the bottom of the shower head by twisting the shower hose onto it. Now you can enjoy a large Rain shower head!

shower arm installation video